Since our inception, Secoria Solutions has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality advisory firm

Secoria was founded in 2019 with a single mission; to be a value-adding, creative and ground-breaking partner and advisor for asset owners, investment plattforms, pension funds, insurers and asset managers that want to have a reliable, experienced and truly independent solution or advice. We take pride in our tailored approach, where we focus on the specific problems or challenges for each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop tailored, unique solutions for their fund, portfolio or investment platform.

We are a partner company with Arkwright, a long-standing and established advisory firm with about 100 professionals and partners, with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Hamburg. Together with Arkwright we take on  complex and large projects, as well as deep dive on very specific challenges.​

We combine a mix of experiences and perspectives, with a common vision. We are open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex investment, pensions and long-term savings environment.


We have a core team and a network of expertise and experience in all relevant fields. Together with Arkwright we are always prepared to take on complex and strategic projects.


Maria Strömqvist, PhD

Mats Langensjö

Claes Green


Managing Partner

Partner Arkwright AB

Maria has strong academic background and a broad experience analysing and researching complex investment portfolios and alternative fund managers,  as well as central bank policy work. She combines highly qualitative and quantitative analytical skills with excellent presentation skills and is an appreciated academic lecturer on hedge funds. 

Mats has extensive experience in senior positions from international fund managers, pensions funds, investment platforms and asset managers. Mats has also advised and supported many different asset owners, institutional investors, governments and investment platforms, as well as held senior leadership roles at both Swedish and international insurers, asset managers and global consultancies.


Mats was the chair of the AP-Fund Inquiry in Sweden, as well as expert advisor for The Ministry of Finance and The Pensions Agency in Sweden.

Mats has been awarded most influencial institutional investment advisor by AI-CIO and top 100 global investment consultants by Financial News.

Claes is an experienced strategy consultant for the financial services- and insurance industry, where he has been project manager and lead consultant in several complex due diligence, business development and transition projects.


Claes is a Partner at Arkwright.